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Customer Services Jobs

Explore the different Customer Services, CRM and Relationship Management Roles

Customer service is at the very heart of who we are as a business and how we stand out from our competition. The myriad of roles that we have available under our CS umbrella are a reflection of this. We have both customer facing jobs and behind the scene positions available. Among our Customer Relationship Management roles we focus on different areas such as SAP solutions consultants, who work to enhance the overall customer experience.

Our customer service teams play a crucial role in ensuring that every one of our customers, whether brand new, existing or returning, gets the highest quality of support. As a business we want to be number one for customer service among the energy industry so this is what we are constantly striving towards. It’s not just about providing excellent service for our customers but ensuring that they go away from every interaction with us carrying a positive impression about our service and passing that feedback onto those around them.

There are lots of opportunities for progression and development as well as training for those who want to deliver the best possible quality service. We have people joining our teams with a variety of different background, including retail and there are positions available from entry level up to manager roles. The relationships you form with our customers will require a consistent professional, well-informed manner. Following through on your promises is just as important as your interactions with customers.

All of our customer services roles are based in RWE npower, please visit the RWE npower careers website for further information.

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