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Switch to a career in energy

04/12 2012Posted by: npower Resourcing Team Subscribe to this blog
Powering your home or business with electricity is an essential part of everyday life – but when we flick on the light switch or turn on the hob, we don’t normally think about the thousands of people in the energy sector badgering away to make sure energy is there when you need it!

Why work in the energy sector?

The energy sector is constantly evolving. New technologies mean the way our customers use energy is changing – and the need to provide affordable, clean and secure energy for the future is the biggest challenge – or opportunity – facing our industry today. 

We need ideas, innovation and solutions. This doesn’t just involve scientists, engineers and academics. It also needs effective communication to our customers, which is achieved by marketing professionals. It needs business support professionals invested in putting in place processes to facilitate change.

Writing a CV for a career change

If you’re interested in applying for a career in energy, your skills and competencies are the main points to highlight. Align these with the to the job application – so for example, if the role requests experience of management, leadership and a strong communicator, make sure these are prominent in your application.

Tips for the interview

Stand out at interview by researching the role thoroughly, and having an interest and understanding of the energy sector. If you’re new to the industry, clarity and confidence about your motivations for joining RWE will help the interviewer understand your reasons.

If asked to demonstrate your skills, draw on scenarios and situations from your working life or volunteering experience. If these are from a different sector, use this as a chance to show that you can bring new ideas and a fresh approach, and that this is a positive.

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